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Due to the immense reach of Android, there is a high demand for Android Programmers. Android Training will provide in-depth knowledge on Android App development using JAVA.


Mobile phones have never been more popular; powerful smartphones are now a regular choice for consumers; and the Android ecosystem has expanded to include tablet and TV devices to further expand the audience of Android applications.

Android offers an open alternative for mobile application development. Without artificial barriers, Android developers are free to write applications that take full advantage of increasingly powerful mobile hardware and distribute them in an open market.

More than 300 million Android devices have been activated, and that number is growing at a rate of over 850,000 activations every day.

Android is an open-source software stack that includes the operating system, middleware and key mobile applications, along with a set of API libraries for writing applications that can shape the look, feel, and function of the devices on which they run.

Android has powerful APIs, excellent documentation, a thriving developer community, and no development or distribution costs. As mobile devices continue to increase in popularity, and Android devices expand into exciting new form-factors, you have the opportunity to create innovative applications no matter what your development experience.

Android: An open platform for mobile development:

Most recently, Android has expanded beyond a pure mobile phone platform to provide a development platform for an increasingly wide range of hardware, including tablets and televisions.

Put simply, Android is an ecosystem made up of a combination of three components:

  • A free, open-source operating system for embedded devices
  • An open-source development platform for creating applications
  • Devices, particularly mobile phones, that run the Android operating system and the applications created for it.

Android SDK Features:

The following list highlights some of the most noteworthy Android features:

  • GSM, EDGE, 3G, 4G, and LTE networks for telephony or data transfer
  • Comprehensive APIs for location-based services
  • Full support for applications that integrate map controls
  • Wi-Fi hardware access and peer-to-peer connections
  • Full multimedia hardware control
  • Media libraries
  • APIs for using sensor hardware
  • Libraries for using Bluetooth and NFC hardware for peer-to-peer data transfer
  • IPC message passing
  • Shared data stores and APIs for contacts, social networking, calendar and multi-media
  • Background services, applications and processes
  • Home-screen widgets and Live wallpaper
  • The ability to integrate applications search results into the system searches
  • An integrated open-source HTML5 WebKit-based browser
  • Mobile-optimized, hardware-accelerated graphics
  • Localization through a dynamic resource framework
  • Reuse and replacement of application components

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The following syllabus of our Android Training in Chennai courses –

Overview of Android and Android SDK - Working with Android simulator - Android Application Architecture - Android Components - Android Development Kit - Application lifecycle - Building User Interface - Data Stores & Directory Structure - Explicit & Implicit Intent - SQLite Databases - Android Security Model - Android Media API - Android Interface Definition Language (AIDL)

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